About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Dino.13627004_10204813392453991_1326149302295552407_n

I am a Guitarist, and also a Vocalist.

I often sing in lounge, pub and function for wedding, event, and birthday party….etc.

I love playing acoustic guitar and singing, they are my hobbies.

I learned acoustic guitar when I’m 18 years old. I still remember what is the feeling and how hard when I starting learn guitar in that time. Many people love to learn guitar in the beginning but give up in the end, there are many reasons for that – fingers feel hurt, you feel like an idiot when you trying to change one chord to another chord, no time to practice….etc, and I can tell you, yes! They all are just the excuses only!

meIf you have a passion for it, no matter how hard you will overcome it. Trust me!

You just need to remain committed to practice every day, even just for 15 minutes per day. And you keep it on for 1 month; you will found that something amazing will happen! Yes! You will find that all of a sudden, you can play on the 1st family chords or more! That feeling is so Great!

So if you really have a passion for playing guitar, promise me you will stick to it every day even though for just 15 minutes, and one day you will find that you totally can handle it easily! ^^ That’s my experienced.

And that’s the reason why I created this website. I hope that everyone that loves guitar and music can get together and share all the things and information about guitar and music here, I will share mine too!

Any question can just contact me by clicking –> HERE

So hope you guys can enjoy here and come here more often to share to me about yours!


Have a Fantastic Day!




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