1. Hy dino,
    I liked your dedication towards the guitar. I found your lessons great. From my very heart, I also wanted to learn guitar, so I would be visiting your site daily. Don’t forget to update lesson on the regular basis so that I can learn from you gradually.
    Thanks for your informaion on guitar lessons.

  2. Hi Dino,

    Been by the site before, and just wanted to tell you that as someone who has always wondered if I could actually play one some day, I really like your site. It makes me feel welcome even though I’m not a musician – only dreaming about it.

    Your site just might be the thing that gets me to The Tipping Point. Do you have any advice for me?

    Thanks, Ted

    • Dino

      Hi Ted, thanks for your comment.
      There is only a heart that makes you start, become a musician is not a dream, just same like others thing – practice and passion.
      If you have the passion about it, sure you can make it.
      Cheers, Ted.

  3. That’s a tough and power song to sing,to play too 🙂
    I remember listening in my childhood days and i tried to sing in karaoke some Bon Jovi songs including Always.This one has tough long notes,i am not expert.Just like to sing on karaoke in Japan.

    Great review!

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