Guitar Lessons (Premium)

Lesson: Harp & Guitar

Listen what’s George says:
“Hi, my name is George
I had been the fifth of five kids in a music family, given birth to in the sixties and influenced by the music my older siblings were hearing including Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Rocks, and The Music group. What I consider to be among the better music ever documented.
There have been always musical instruments around and individuals were encouraged to become listed on in. Similar to my place now.
I started on piano and migrated to saxophone in primary school. I continuing playing tenor sax throughout college and into university where I completed a commercial music diploma program at Capilano University, North Vancouver, in 1989 majoring on tenor saxophone.
I can’t remember ever not running a harmonica and also have had an acoustic guitar since senior high school. I made my first harmonica holder out of a vintage cable coating hanger after hearing an interview with Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders informing how she do that very thing.
Since then there’s been countless rings and gigs, some jazz, some blues, but mainly & most happily vintage rock and roll n move. My preferred gigs have been playing single classical guitar, vocals and harmonica.
So music is one of the passions of my entire life……….(Get more info from George => Click Here)

Lesson: Secret Guitar Teacher

Given birth to in 1957, Nick Minnion was raised to a soundtrack of the Beatles and the Moving Stones. Nick was initially given an acoustic guitar at age eight, but he wasn’t an all natural.
Today, he says that he’s so patient along with his pupils because he understands how difficult learning acoustic guitar can be.
Although he learned the trumpet in senior high school (to meet girls in the neighborhood orchestra), Nick was dropped shortly after because there have been way too many trumpet players – presumably other males who had the same idea!
However, his enthusiasm for music didn’t fade, and through the years Nick has gained a strong working knowledge of the principles of music.He listens to anything from Beethoven to Nirvana – and everything among!
His wide musical likes imply he has perfected your guitar in a number of styles and genres.
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