1. Darren

    This is an interesting title for your article. Who doesn’t want to be a killer guitarist as quickly as possible?

    I play electric guitar and am always looking for ways to improve. I’ve never quite gotten into playing acoustics as I can’t sing, and singing while playing acoustic seems like the natural progression. Plus, I enjoy the power of electric and the feel of playing one.

    Greta post with some cool tips. Thanks.

    • Dino

      You are welcome Darren, I have also play electric guitar before but i like to sing as well, and I love sentimental songs more. Haha.

  2. Rachel

    Great article! I’ve been looking for more guitar exercises for a while, but I specifically want help with pick patterns and for that I feel like a book wouldn’t help. I would need to watch a tutorial video or hire a private tutor which can very expensive. Any tips for exercises specific to picking?

    • Dino

      Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for your comment. May i know what do you mean that “exercises specific to picking?”

      Is that you want to learn how to use pick to play guitar?

      Sorry if I misunderstand.


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